Jacks.cc has the most compact 2page PDF instruction leaflet which can be downloaded and used to understand the rules during your first gameplays.

Download Instructions
Download Instructions [ Here ]

More detailed instructions on how to play Bawo can be found at the following links:

Bao Rules Link 1
Bao Rules Link 2
Bawo Bantu version 0.1
Bawo Bantu version 0.1 is the first unstable release of the Bawo game app by Fumba Game Lab™. The focus of FGL is to provide an almost realistic gameplay experience. We aim to make the application allow first time Bawo game players to easily navigate and learn the game rules during their first games. As FGL™ strives to release a more stable version of the game, continued efforts will be made to make the game app more exciting and user-friendly. Your feedback and [comments] will enable us to achieve this task with greater efficiency.
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